A game that reaches out and just keeps pulling you back for more...

User Rating: 9 | Battlestations: Pacific PC
When I first installed the game I was expecting a 10 to 20 hour blast into the past WWII navy game. It in fact was that and a whole lot more... First off I was disappointed that it didn't use my Saitek X52 joystick! Thought, what kind of flight game doesn't use a Joystick? Well, that sucks!
So I moved on thinking to myself **** man what the hell, this isn't starting out very well. I started playing by going into the Training, and Skirmish modes.
Next thing I know it was 4:40 am and I forgot about the joystick, after all I was to busy in a kick ass campaign! Wife was pissed! No sleep and I smell like a Marine coming off a twenty mile hump. Man am I in trouble! This game is just fun, a bit on the arcade side, and simplified, but no esoteric
knowledge needed here. I love it! Just jump in and go and let the graphics of the sun, sky, stars and ocean, and much more reach out and pull you in.
I wish Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific had these graphics. Although Silent Hunter is more of a real sub simulator with lots of dead time. This game has a few tactical times where you slow things down to get the best shots with your subs etc., overall it's fast paced. After all you are jumping from; a carrier, battleship, cruiser, destroyer, sub, plane and your bases all while you launch every kind of WWII plane and pt boat you can think of! Imagine getting bored being able to do all that and STAY MARRIED in one lifetime! Fight On and be happy!