Great, kickass, easy to learn game. Both for RTS and naval fans. It's almost there!

User Rating: 9.5 | Battlestations: Pacific PC
So I got this game up and running, windows live is a bit annoying.
However, I started playing right away, campaign is very good, fun with those scenes and retro effect. I love it. I wished in BS : Midway that there was some sort of skirmish mode, and a mode where you could build your own fleets and order them, guess what! it got both! AWESOME.
I feel this is one of the best games this year, but not perfect yet.

Graphics 10 : Amazing graphics with not a too-big system requirements, amazing water, amazing gun effects and you can see the crew working on your ship!

Sound 8 : Good gun sounds, very good sounds, but the voices are a bit annoying, specially Japanese ones in the campaign.

Gameplay 9 : Great, easy to learn, fun for different game-style fans. However I think its in need of more development.

Newbie friendly 10 : This game is very easy to learn, good AI and a tutorial without any bugs, even people with bad English can understand.