The definition of half-cocked.

User Rating: 5 | Battlestations: Pacific X360
The game seems to have a lot of potential when you first get into it. The controls are complex (especially for Xbox) and a crawl through the manual left me scratching my head. This is usually a good thing because any game that's very easy to understand is generally not worth playing, particularly a military sim of some kind. There's no "bootcamp" or anything to get you started - it's just right into Pearl Harbor. But it was fairly understandable and I quickly ramped up to "Veteran" mode, the highest of the three skill levels. But the second and third missions made it clear that this was going to be a game that really didn't receive much play testing. The third mission is the first naval mission and you control a cruiser. I played on Veteran and the first time through I never even saw the enemy. The second time I basically just parked my cruiser and started firing at everything I could find and that was sufficient to win the mission. Third time, once again, it ended practically before it even began. Another poster mentioned that the game doesn't require any skill and this certainly seems to be the case. If you can go into a mission, playing on the hardest level, have pretty much no idea what's going on, employ virtually no tactical skill at all, and still complete the mission, the game hasn't been play tested enough.

All that aside, there are just rough edges everywhere. The voice acting is decidedly cringe-worthy and the phrases way too limited and way overused. The screen is just packed with information, pretty much none of which is necessary to complete the mission. There's a lot of talking and unwatchable cutscenes and yet the player is still left wondering what the hell is going on or whether there's a narrative at all. Missions have primary objectives, secondary objectives, and "hidden" objectives. Sometimes you're told what the hidden objectives are, sometimes you aren't. How anyone could be expected to stumble across the truly "hidden" ones is beyond me.

I think the main criticism is that this just isn't a "game". It's a bundle of parts that could be assembled into a pretty good game, but as it is, they're just a jumbled mess.