Best FREE game out. Amazing game but to many bugs.

User Rating: 8 | BattleForge PC
game is a super fun game to play. good thing ea is working really hard on updates and patches for this game cause this game is in need of serious balancing. i'm also glad to here they are coming out w/ new cards. it sucks that there arn't any ai and you can't play this game offline. id recomend this game to anyone looking for the best card rts game out. you could find this game on ebay for like $18 and you get 64 cards + 3000 points. that is if you want more then just the free cards. this game has all kinds of monsters from dragons to golems to anything realy and they are adding alot more. ea can do almost anything w/ this game at any time. the single player campain to be honest sucks in my opinion. this game dosn't have any videos and you need to read a book to find out what is going on. that is so lame. this game just lacks alot of things that the real good RTS games have but the main reason for this i thing is cause ea brought this game out too early. i guess its just a working progress.