Another overrated, unbalanced and unrealistic cartoony garbage from EA!

User Rating: 1 | BattleForge PC
Obviously EA paid gamespot to overrate this garbage otherwise there is no other way for this boring unworthy ripoff to get such a high rating!

The graphics are happy and purely cartoony! Where is the bloody violence and brutality in this happy fairy tale? Sorry, I do not see anything like that and the game performance is incredibly bad even for such low quality graphics!

The story is simply just like any other nowаdays fairy tale, but this one is definetely а pathetic copy of The Lord of the Rings.

The gameplay is so unrealistic that walls can just be build instantly! Some tiny little female like the Twilight Witch requires at least over 9000 hits to be killed! The damage is unrealistically and magically reduced for archers standing on a wall. The squad system is a total joke! All the creatures in one single squad have common health and while the squad is on low health they will all die from one hit even only single one of them is being hit! Could have been much more realistic if every single type of unit could defeat any other type of unit by using tactical skills, but this is obviously a rock-paper-scissors "strategy" game.

The rewards earned for completing the amateur-made maps in some kind of Warcraft III wanna-be style are just some completely useless gold which is used to send in-game mails and the not so, but still useless upgrades which are mostly used to upgrade cards you do not even have and trading them is simply not possible.

Although the game is totally unbalanced and does not require any type of skill at all, most opponents are unskilled, unchallenging and very easy in this very easy no strategy involving and unchallenging game that does not even have basic RTS features such as fog of war. Very repetitive PvP - just keep rushing until you win exactly in every single match!

It is impossible to call BattleForge a real-time strategy game since it is clearly a well-known and prooven fact that it does not involve any strategic thinking at all.

This game is definetely made to hook up little kids into giving their money for cards, played only by EA fanboys who worship EA every single day of their pathetic life and maybe a few completely ignorant little girls on the internet who like cartoony girly stuff like BattleForge.

For an actaul fantasy RTS game see Warlords Battlecry, it's infinite times more fun, more original and it actaully involves strategy and skill unlike BattleForge.