Nothing I have ever experience

User Rating: 7.5 | BattleForge PC
The game is nice,its a mix of strategy and adaptability to use cards and the trading systems is very competitive as you have to be very innovative to trade cards and to keep up with current prices as they might rise or drop.PvP is very intense as you need to learn how to counter cards and how to use them effectively.Even the F2P cards provided for Free2Play players can be used to effectively complete many PvE scenarios on Expert level if used correctly.

The only downside is that there's a small player base as it was poorly advertised and not a lot of maps although the upgrades for cards will make you play them as many time you want but it tends to be repetitive.New players will aslo finds a hard time to understand the game and may envy the cards other players without realizing they already have great cards for PvE and need to work hard for them.

To summarize:If it was advertised properly and they have more maps,it will be a greater game.Rocky start for new players,a breeze for experienced players.
7.5/10 for this