MMO meet RTS meet TCG. A great combination of the 3 makes Battleforge a great game !

User Rating: 10 | BattleForge PC
So far, i must say i'm really addicted to Battleforge, i'm not a huge PVP fan, for me PVP is not what i look for in a game, i really love coop multiplayer and Battleforge offers just that !

Battleforge is like playing Warcraft 3, but instead of playing Orcs, you play.. what you want!

You can use 20 cards in your deck, cards are: spells, units and building. So you make your own army with your own combination of units and spell, backed up by your some towers !

The game is also going to improve a lot since they will be releasing expansions, so new maps, new cards, new units, new spells, new buildings.

Sure all this makes the game very hard to balance some cards will not see play because theres just a superior version of it, but if you're fans of any TCG, you should know about that.

And the real fun part of the game is trying to get all the upgrades you need for your deck, they are rewards for your victories in PVE and PVP. You can enhance some cards you own with a second copy of the card, this is the way to improve your favorite deck!

Graphics are good, Music is great! Some minor bugs at release.. but hey !... how many patches did your favorite MMO gone through already? :P

There is some minor design flaws also, IMO they should improve the chat and trade system, but i'm sure they are working on something.

I'm giving Battleforge a 10, it's not worth a 10, but i just want to improve it's rating, for me, a game i play and enjoy is a 10, a game i don't play is a 0.. simple as that, it's a yes or no question.

So join now if you feel like playing something new!