I didn't think it would be such a amazing game.

User Rating: 9.5 | BattleForge PC
I tried the demo because the idea of rts and card game mixed together appealed to me.
I have to say I didn't expect much of it and thought it would be a crappy game. But when I started playing some matches I immediatly knew this game if a very deep thought out game and they took great care into making their game work.

I personally am not a fan of the pve but it can be very challanging and fun but I am a great fan of the pvp in this game. There are many deck combinations out there and alot of different tactics used so every game is a refreshing experience. For me most of the fun in this game is making a interesting deck and then trying to make it work in pvp.

I know some of you think this game is a rip off because you need to pay bfp for cards but you can spend 30 euro/dollar and basicly you are settled to play this forever and just trade your old cards for new ones if you wanna try a different deck.(For those who like trading that is a game of it's own here)

Also don't think this game is about getting the most expensive cards or otherwise you don't have a chance. The game is very balanced and there are watchlists hold to keep balancing the game. There is als alot of support and new cards are getting released every half year.

So basicly if you like rts of tcg you should at least try this game's free play. For me this game is one of the best and it's highly addictive.