Purchasing imaginary cards with... real money? No fog of war in pvp??

User Rating: 7 | BattleForge PC
Alright this game is decent if you're 7 years old but in terms of PVP rts it fails miserably. Let me explain, there is no fog of war in pvp. Enough said. Moving on....

The co-op mission action is where this game is at, but the playability value sure does drop a lot and gets repetitive after a while. If the PVP had fog of war (cannot see map and other player actions) then the game would be much better in my opinion however you can always see what your opponent is doing so... what's the point?

Graphics are good, dx11 is always a plus.

Some minor graphical issues here and there.

The thing that really made me mad about this game is the way you get new cards in this game. You cannot get new cards by playing in co-op or in pvp. You can get "upgrades" for cards you already own however you cannot get new playable cards.

You actually need to buy "decks" from this games website to get new creatures and ability cards. This idea is really cool if your dumb enough to waste cash on the possibility of buying a deck with 1 or 2 cards that you didn't have before. You could spend well over 49.99 and not have all the cards the game has to offer. So clever way of stealing your money I'll give them that much credit...

Anyhow, this game is good and all but the way they make you buy the cards and the way the pvp works with no fog of war is just down right... bad. If you're smart just look at another RTS because this really doesn't offer anything a smart competitive gamer could possibly want. This is more like a game for little kids who constantly ask their parents for money to waste on imaginary cards in a game.

I got this game and 3000 free battleforge points when I purchased a ati radeon HD 5970. Would I have actually payed real money for cards in this game? Absolutely not.

Sayin it like it is, as always - ShelledFade