battle forge is certainly the best game ever and i really mean it this is the best game i have ever played.

User Rating: 10 | BattleForge PC
Well at first i have to admit that when we saw the video me and my friend spy weren't very fascinated.But i can tell you seriously this is a perfect game.In my opinion it its the best game that it's theme is playing in an imaginary world.It is the perfect game.You can controll extremely powerfull creatures but also if you get into trouble you can make spells so as to vanish into thin air either your opponents or the computer.Well that doesn't happens each time if the other monsters are very powerfull but these spells take some of the life of the monster.Now about the plot of the game.On this game there are different decks and in each one there are some missions that must be accomplished.After each victory that you have gained(believe me it is not that easy)you will receive new cards more powerfull or spell cards.Blieve me guys battle forge is a game that provoques you different feelings when you are playing it and it is the first time of my life that during a game i have felt like a part of it and i thought i was living with it.I have to admit that battle forge is the best game i have ever played and i also recommend you to try it out.