Now that its free to download...

User Rating: 8 | BattleForge PC
More or less, most Professional reviews of this game were made before it became free to play. And of those reviews, the ones that gave the game a bad score, all made a similar argument. What they said is that when you have a competitive RTS, and you want it to be fun. It needs to be balanced! And if you give players the options to buy better monsters than their enemies, everything becomes completely unbalanced. And thats no fun at all... well thats not true in this case and i thought this game deserved a better review now that things have changed.

This game can be a crap ton of fun. And now that its free to start, (yes FREE as in ZERO dollars.) you can take that thirty-forty dollars it would have cost to buy the game and buy your own custom deck of monsters instead. This really changes everything. This is because the spells and monsters you buy can only be SOOO powerful. By spending more $$ all your really doing is buying yourself more options when you load out. Which is great if you want to change tactics from time to time but the truth is winning comes down how well you play (or how bad the other player is). Learn when and where to cast your spells and you can do just fine under a 40 dollar budget. Losing matches for the most part really comes down to the gameplay, not who payed more $$$.

And playing a game not knowing what monsters could be summoned by the enemy at any second is one of the most exciting parts. Really adds a nice layer of "holy crap" to the whole experience. When you have your hordes of little eleven warriors charging in for the win all skipper with optimism only to have an immense demonic what-the-hell-is-that-thing appear towering before them, preparing to slaughter them all, its pretty damn awesome.

So just thought id share a needed review for those scared off by that odd average 7.3 critics score. Those low scores were based more on an assumption rather than what actually played out in the online community. Its a ton of fun. and a great game. Cheers to gamespot for calling it right.