Fun to play, should give owners of toher BF games free stuff

User Rating: 7.5 | Battlefield: Play4Free PC
This game is free to play, so consider that when trying to play it, there's a lot of fun in it, It is made mostly with recycled contento from BF 2, most of the maps have already been featured in that game ith some changes and have been downsized for this game.

Ok I understand EA saved a lot of money by recycling content, but the bad news about this game is taht they ask you lots of money to obtain stuff like guns, clothing and equipment for your soldier.

If you're expecting the classic BF gameplay you'll find it here and at the same time you won't, Why? Becasue if you wish to change the class of your soldier you have to pay.

You can obtain stuff by playing gaining credits but that's just too slow, I've played other free to play FPS games and they actually give you some free stuff, but this one only gives you a few worthless itmes.

The good stuff costs and it costs A LOT! With much less than the cost of the cheapest funds package i bought BF 2 Complete and I don't have to pay more money, just play and unlock stuff...

I can't believe how greedy EA is, I own BF 1942, BF 2 Complete, BF 2 Modern combat, Bad company 1 & 2 with Vietnam, BF 3 with ALL expansions, I mean I'm a BF game, I've already gave EA and DICE lots of money Couldn't they at least give owners of other BF games some free stuff?

This game is very adictive, but be ready to paly only with your basic gear, if you're willing to pay for stuff and funds better think twice and buy other BF games.