Battlefield Bad Company is a tremendous first attempt of a next generation battlefield game

User Rating: 8 | Battlefield: Bad Company X360
Battlefield Bad Company released in June of 2008, and developed by EA Dice, is a typical Battlefield game with a expansive campaign and multiplayer. A good single player campaign is something new to the Battlefield series, and Bad Company offers a very good campaign that which will be refreshing and serve as a nice prep for multiplayer. The campaign follows 4 B-troop solders who all have messed up along the way and are in this sort of a joke of a military squad. You play as Preston, and are joined by Haggard, Sarge, and **** All of the characters have a nice personality of their own and they enhance the games story. A war has broken out between the United States and Russia, and this B-team is used to infiltrate enemy lines. Along the way however, B-team discovers that there is a group of mercenaries working with the Russians. Hidden somewhere these mercenaries have a ton of gold and B-team wants that gold. The game mixes up agenda's, and b-team ends up both working for the military and working for their own goals at the same time. Overall the story is good, and some of the dialogue is pretty funny. The campaign definitively isn't a serious one, and its a nice change of pace compared to other shooters. The campaign will last about 6-8 hours, which is pretty standard for the genre, and there are a few difficulty levels to go back and replay. There are also a ton of weapons to find and use and gold crate collectibles to find for unlocks and achievements. There are a few problems with the campaign though, how death is handled and the overly linear aspect. When you die in Bad Company you get sent back to the last checkpoint, but all of the enemies you have already killed are dead. Therefore, you don't lose any progress when you die. This makes the game easier then it should be even on the hardest level. The game also is very linear. There are different ways to tackle objectives, but Dice could have done much more with the environment.

The multiplayer in Bad Company is pretty good, but in my opinion it falls short when compared to other shooters. There are two modes of play including Gold Rush and Conquest. In Gold Rush the attacking team must plant charges on gold crates and when a few crates have been taken over the map opens up to a new area with more crates. In Conquest there are flags throughout the map, and the goal here is to capture and hold the majority of the flags. Conquest is and always has been the better mode to play in a Battlefield game. Due to the large size of the maps, there is a lot of time spent running around trying to find action once all of the spawned vehicles are gone. For this reason the multiplayer can get pretty boring and stale quickly. I can typically play a shooter multiplayer in the hundreds of hours, but i could only really play bad company for 20-30 hours until i got very board with it. There are different classes to play as, with quite a few unlocks in each class, but there arn't enough weapons in the game to keep things fresh. There are also alot of vehicles to use such as jeeps, tanks, and choppas.

Where Battlefield Bad Company really shines is in the technical aspects of the games audio and visuals. The game is one of the best sounding games on the market. The sound effects are truly amazing, and frighteningly realistic. Even in today's battlefield games the sound has remained excellent, and Bad Company was really where the modern sound started. The graphics are pretty good, but not as amazing as the sound design. The highlight here is the frostbite engine where nearly everything in the environment is destructible. Outside of this the color palette and overall graphics can look a little bland at times.

Overall Bad Company offers a unique single player, and fun but sometimes multiplayer gameplay. The game also had some of the best audio and visuals when it released.

4 stars (8.0)