I don't like this game, I think it was a waste of money.

User Rating: 5 | Battlefield: Bad Company PS3
I played this game on a playstation3. This game is full of bugs but the worst is the endless, useless, video clips you are forced to sit through and you can't click out of to advance. Game play is not smooth in spots and the game environment has a poor visual. I rate this game a five but that is really too much. Call of Duty is a much better game which I enjoyed playing, this game did not excite me at all. The programmers at EA need to sit down and play Call of Duty so they will have a clue of what a war game should not only look like but how it should play. I realize it takes many hours of programming to make a good video game but really, why force us to watch these useless video clips and not allow the player to click to skip. I wish other reviews were more honest in there reviews because if they were I would have never wasted forty bucks on this game. I find EA to make good sports games but their other games I would rate poor. I found their playstation2 games to be poor as well. As for me I will stay clear of EA games.