A very refreshing combat game set in modern times.

User Rating: 8.5 | Battlefield: Bad Company X360
Who would have thought a war game could achieve such an unusual balance between serious and humorous moments? Add to this a (partially) destructible landscape, nice graphics, very colorful characters, terrific sound design, a nice range of cool weapons and environments, an easy to learn gameplay, and you have yourself a pretty fun game!

Of course, not all is good in BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY. The AI is pretty deficient; the enemies are relatively brain-dead and even your own partners in crime sometimes get in your way. Yet, for all its faults, you can't help having a good time playing this game.

Pros: The humor, the sound effects, the humor, the destructible environment, the humor :o)

Cons: Most of the AI (enemies as well as friendlies), and there are limits to what the player can destroy. Darn.

WOW moment(s): The tactical destruction that makes this game stand out.