The only thing that i liked about B-company was it's characters n difficulty,rest all is similar 2 crysis(no nano suite)

User Rating: 8 | Battlefield: Bad Company PS3
I played it quite late,cause i thought it 2 b a replica of modern warfare,but B-company surprised me wid a whole new perspective,i mean the idea of stepping in battlefield with a group of prisoners is just amazing,,,,n to add to it,u r not just fighting a war,but looking to steal some gold on your way....Though d game is a bit inspired from EA's super-hit crysis,i mean the way u explore the area,the number of tanks and heli's u come across,which worsen your life(all u don't have is a nano-suit),but overall battlefield is must-play for any game lover!!!!!!!
Synopsis-U play as Marloy,a prisoner who has been sent to fight Russians on the battlefield,instead of rotting in the prison.U are to join Bad(B) Company consisting of Sergeant Redford,Sweet water,n Haggard,who themselves r prisoners.On ur way u come across a group of merceneries who are indulged with black-marketing of gold,now u must help the U.S. army n also grab gold for yourself within 3 days,cause after that u have to return back to ur home!!!!!!