Great fun; Too easy though

User Rating: 7.5 | Battlefield: Bad Company PS3
I must be missing something; why are a lot of people comparing this to the call of duty games?

There is no comparison to make -- this is a totally different game that plays totally different from that other series. NOTHING in this game feels like CoD and I've played all of them except MW3 and Black Ops. (I do have those already though)

Sure, both games are great shooters with good production values and fun online elements, but that's about it. I went into this game expecting a lot of similarities and lost myself having fun in a futile effort of trying to find them.

Bad Company gameplay involves a lot of blowing up the environment, and it does this pretty well. Almost no place is safe for either the enemies or you when one side has a tank or any of the two guided airstrips type equipment. Houses, trees, and fences all get destroyed pretty easily and it's a lot of fun shooting blindly at structures knowing you're gonna take down a couple of cowering enemy soldiers along the way.

Vehicles are the other big mechanic. You get to ride a lot of different fun vehicles -- among them a chopper, tanks, boats and armored buggies. the tank fights are particularly fun and the chopper ride is an absolute blast.

What I didn't like was how easy this game was compared to other shooters, and sometimes the checkpoints were placed incorrectly. Sometimes you had to hike back to an engagement area repeatedly which I thought was unnecessary in a game with this much polish. All in all a good game though and loads of fun.