Battlefield Bad company a great shooter but with a few flaws.

User Rating: 8.5 | Battlefield: Bad Company PS3
The good.Singleplayer
The good thing about Battlefild Bad Company is you will not be depressed and dragged down with a sorry singleplayer. The game devs decided to go with a comical approach to the game and it works very well. Believe it or not this is a BF game that has an enjoyable singleplayer that will make you want to go through it over and over just to hear some of the funny lines being said.
The graphics may not be Killzone 2 standards but they are very well done,explosions, which you will see ALOT of, are beautiful as you blow up a set of tanks or watch the rumble fall from the sky as you destroy a building. Honestly this game gives new meaning to destructible enviroments.

The Bad.Singleplayer
There are a few problems I had with the singleplayer of this game. For one, I know this is a shooter and all but it lacks unlockables you can go around and find gold pieces but they don't let you cash them in for anything. Yeah the game has trophies but if you are like me and not a raging trophy fan you will be very dissapointed. Another problem, after awhile the game gets very repetitive you will be shooting the same enemies over and over till you become board, yeah there are explosions and what not to break this up but you will still feel it. The kit system. You know how in other games you can carry more than one weapon, well not in BC you must stick to the items in your kit or the kit you picked up. This would not be a problem if they also let me have a side arm to fall back on but you can only use pistols if you pick up a sniper kit. These are not huge complaints but it would be nice to see some of them solved in BC2.

The Good.Multiplayer.
Ahh the meat and potatoes of BC. The multiplayer portion of this game is probably some of the most fun I had in a MP game since Fear and Rainbow Six Vegas....For those of you who don't know they are my two favorite online games. This game gives an awesome meaning to team based gameplay there are tons of things to do. The boast a very impressive map selection from you to choose from, most of them are very big a beautiful to look at. Now with these big maps you need some great vehicles to be able to drive and BC delivers for you big time, from hummer to tanks to helicopters and assualt boats bad company has them there for you to take control.

There are 5 classes to choose from and all of them have there worth on the battlefield. The most impressive part of the multiplayer are the servers. You can play these huge games with little to no lag...Depending on your connection of course. All the explosions from the singleplayer have made there way x10 into the multiplayer blow up some guys tanke with your stick of C4 or Anti tank mines, blow up a wall and watch as the persons body goes flying, it is all there.

There are only two game types but trust me, you will not be complaining. Gold rush is unique twist on attack and defend. One team attacks the other teams bases trying to blow up their chest filled with gold, while the other team must prevent them from doing so. While Conquest is the amazingly fun no time limit go anywhere on the map game type where you must capture the flags. You capture the flags, once so many flags have been captured or enemies killed your rivals bars will deplete to zero, once that happens you win.All in all the multiplayer is very fun.

The Bad.Multiplayer.
Once again I don't have any huge problems with the multiplayer portion. The weapons such as the LMG feel very weak, I know they were trying to balance out the weapon damage but being support feels off sometimes thanks to that. There is no custimazation to be seen, no scopes, no choice of armor nothing
There could have been more weapons to choose from and EA's little contest of failure did horrible, because of that there will always be two weapons that I will never be able to obtain to use.

All in all.
The game is awesome and should be in every shooter fans collection, especially if you love destruction, great teambased multiplayer and a funny story.