Best multiplayer ever!...

User Rating: 10 | Battlefield: Bad Company PS3
I think that this is my favourite game,i play it all the time and in my opinion i think its one of the best shooting games i have ever played,the single player mode is ok,but not the best,here's why...
1.Your team does not really do anything,its you who does most of the work.
2.The story is not very good and its too short,but not too bad.
Single player 8/10 but there just my opinions, you might think different,but when you play it online,well..lets just say your most likely to give it a 10/10 its probably the best online game ive played so this is why i gave it 10/10, mostly because i love the multiplayer,here's why multiplayer is so good.
1.Large and small maps.
2.Big choice of weapons.
3.lots of vehicles e.g (cars,tanks,boats,helicopters,and shockingly they've added golf carts
4.Good playability
Multiplayer 10/10