Ok single player great multiplayer

User Rating: 9 | Battlefield: Bad Company PS3
First I am not comparing this to games like modern warfare 2 or bad co 2 I am just rating the game for what it is.

Single player: 8/10 This was OK a bit above average but by no means amazing.

multiplayer 9.5 great multiplayer very fun hard but not to hard and a very good squad system

Graphics 8/10 good for an older game sound 8/10 solid but nothing flashy

length 9/10 perfect they couldn't have done much better story 10/10 very good for a shooter very funny

replay value 9/10 many reasons to replay this game collectible guns to find gold crates and trophies.

controls 10/10 the only thing they could have done better is if you could lay down Total = 9/10

bottom line solid game with great multiplayer and good single player with great replay value

I really have nothing negative to say except the fact that you can't mute people with headsets.