Absolutely love this game!

User Rating: 9 | Battlefield: Bad Company PS3
I grew old of FPS, like the way they play but all the franchises blend together and became very generic and stale after you've seen so many. Bad Company was a fresh of really needed fresh air into my life. Just love the setting and the story telling, and specially the characters, so full of personality and genuine comedy. I was genuinely sad when the campaign was over.

the gameplay gets a little repetitive and is a competent fps, and you go with your squad that follows you and gets into the firefight with you. The dialog is just priceless, its a very believable comodery and full of life, but the story is just so compelling.

I didn't spent too much time with he multiplayer but I believe there are only two game modes that in mid 2013 still has an online community playing at all times. I'm more of a Free-For-All guy, so it's a question of taste.

I look forward on playing bad company 2 and wonder if the series will see a followup after Battlefield 3. This shows how to make a different type of FPS and not take yourself too seriously. Go get it!