This game makes blowing things up a necessity.

User Rating: 8.5 | Battlefield: Bad Company PS3
Battlefield Bad Company is a game that has its ups and downs. The game puts you in the body of Preston Marlow, the newest addition to B Company. All the rejects get sent to this division. B Company, nicknamed "Bad Company" by those within is sent into a country in Eastern Europe to do something or another. Anyway, Marlow becomes part of Redford's squad, which is comprised of Sarge (Redford), S.water and Haggard. These guy will help you through the entire game.

The story of the game is pretty simple, Sarges' squad is sent into to help, they find a mercenary with gold, and then go AWOL to find and collect the mercenaries gold. Along the way the story has its twists but overall the story is somewhat bland. It's really the characters that make the story good. The characters are extremely humorous, and they are always saying or doing something that will get a laugh or 2.

The weapons are quite balanced. There are 5 different sets of weapons, each with its own secondary weapon. So, the game can suit many people's gameplay styles. The weapons themselves can be taken by any dead soldier or you find them in buildings. What I liked the game actually marked off weapon locations on the radar. The 5 different sets are rifles, shotguns, SMG's, LMG's and sniper rifles. Along with these weapons is are other things that can picked up and used, such as a rocket launchers, mortar strike, laser designator, and C-4 explosive.

But one thing that really ruins a shooter like this for me is the auto-injector. This will increase your health back to full no matter what. But there is a certain time that has to pass before it can be used again, but I don't think its short enough. A FPS should not have a thing like this; I know it has a health bar that starts at 100 and drops. But I think finding a med kit would make this game better and more challenging,

The enemy AI is somewhat dense. They do use cover and flank occasionally, but most of the time they just run right around a corner smack dab into the barrel of your weapon. The squad AI is a little better and they do help out, but it doesn't approve that much. But I have to say, they do make good decoys for you to flank the enemy position.

The graphics are pretty good. But sadly, they are not as good as they could be. They do well with destructible environments, but they said that almost 100% of the environment is destructible, but I found many things that would be destroyed not getting destroyed. But the character animations are well done, and cinematics are great. There is some tearing at times, but overall they are good.

Now for the online portion of the game. I would have to say it is repetitive, but that is due to it having only one game mode. But that is changing soon with a new mode being patched soon. Like the single player side, the multiplayer weapon system is quite balanced and is set into classes that can fit all styles of play. The maps are also balanced and some favour defenders and some favour attackers. The multiplayer could use some enhancements like a lobby system and maybe a private match option. But instead everything is run by EA Servers, which do have the tendency to be laggy or even cause the game to freeze, forcing you to restart your PS3. The game runs on a rank system and offers unlocks at certain ranks. One interesting feature was the Dog tag system. If you were to kill someone using the knife, you take their dog tag and you keep it in a collection. It doesn't give you anything; it was just a interesting feature.

Pros: destructible environments, lots of humour, balanced multiplayer

Cons: bland story, auto-injector makes the game too easy, somewhat dense AI.