If you don't like shooters, your still going to like this game.

User Rating: 8 | Battlefield: Bad Company 2 X360
I'm not one for shooters, to me they are to similar in game play for me not think about another one that came out before the one I'm playing. Battlefield Bad Company 2 did something that few shooters ever did for me, made it fun to play and forget it's completely Identical to Call of Duty.

It's comic book style story flow and it's memorable characters, make the game worth playing. The story is good and keeps with the opening of finding the mysterious weapon from the Aurora Project.

It's verity of weapons, and vehicles is great, When you find the weapons, the game puts it in a storage box, so you can switch the weapons out whenever your near one. You can only carry guns two at a time however. The Vehicles a very useful and are used in just the right locations. The tank part is the fun part, due to the amount of damage it can cause.

Speaking of which, The best part about the game is the environmental destruction and how it affects strategy. You may think that house is a great place for shooting people out of windows.Then someone blows up the side and your completely exposed, it's something that many games are missing, and I personalty respect how the game balances it for everyone.

This one of those games that you must pick up and play. You may regret it later if you don't.