A millimeter short of perfect.

User Rating: 9.5 | Battlefield: Bad Company 2 X360
Previous to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, i had no experience in any battlefield franchise games, always stuck with the CoD titles.

Once having tried this baby out, there was no turning back, as it says on the cover, it defines online warfare. The teamwork necessary to successfully win a battle provides you with great sense of achievement and respect to other players that no other shooter can give. Furthermore this game contains a perfect battle formula, which is similar to that of rock, paper, scissors. Every class/veichle/gadget exceeds at one thing or another, however each one has a perfect counter(e.g. a tank can kill normal infantry, however if an engineer is around, he can then take the tank out), thus balancing everything out. This idea almost forces players to play as a variety of different classes in order to win, although a nice change of pace once in a while can open your eyes and realise that you might enjoy another class even more than you first thought.

The maps are fantastic, each map was unique and captured a great atmosphere due to the brilliant visuals and size. Although the big battlefields had some downfalls, especially in Conquest Heavy Metal map, people often found themselves at their base deployment with no means of transport, which left them with a very long run to another base, or they would just quit and pick a different map.

Im sure you all know the different online game types, so I wont talk about that, the only thing left to cover and still keep this review short is the single player. Im not going to lie, I bought this game purely for the multiplayer, its not that single player is bad, it definitely isn't bad, its just not for me. I wont spoil it for anyone who hasn't played it yet, but it basically gives you a front row seat in an action movie, which is fun, but only when you want to take a break from testing your skills online.

Overall its a great game, a definite must buy even if you are playing Battlefield 3 at the moment.