This is the definitive multiplayer warfare experience.

User Rating: 9.5 | Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PS3
It's a mystery to me why anybody would even bother with Call of Duty. I mean I'm sure it's fun at first, but give BBC2 a try and the next time you play Call of Duty your exact response will be "Wow, what a lame arcade game this is."
I'm sure most of you will already have read the GSpot review so I won't really go into lots of detail on what BBC2 does well, but I will say that if you like a realistic warfare game that lets you blow up buildings, has realistic bullet-drop, allows you to drive vehicles when YOU feel like it, and doesn't spray you in the face with strawberry jam every time you take damage (cough cough Modern Warfare 2) then you should drop everything and order this game. Right now. The online multiplayer is superb, as is the campaign which includes just as much tongue-in-cheek humor and witty dialogue as the first game. The campaign moves at a brisk pace and is comparable to any of the COD series' campaigns, but the multiplayer is where Battlefield really shines. To begin, there's no noob-tubing, no campers, and no whiny little twelve-year-olds. The first two are a result of there being nowhere for campers and noob-tubers to hide because buildings can be destroyed with a well-placed grenade. Also because you can't see the exact location of every single person whether friend or foe on the mini-map (once again, COD lameness). The part about annoying twelve-year-olds may be because there's only suppported voice chat within your individual squad (which also takes care of sore loser syndrome). The only reasons I didn't give this game a 10/10 are firstly because there's no customization options for your soldier which would have been a great addition, and secondly because you can't form clans with your friends, which is by no means a necessity but would have been a nice component.