This game sucks compared to BBC1 - They should've called it Battlefield Bad Company (Call of Duty edition)

User Rating: 6.5 | Battlefield: Bad Company 2 X360
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So they turned BBC into Call of Duty plain and simple; just like someone said on another review, they took away all the fun that made BBC1 stand out from other FPS and well, they turn it into Call of Duty "brainless, run run run, shoot shoot shoot, press B to accelerate and you're done boring gameplay mechanics" that everybody seems to love.

You can't even move 10 feet away from your battle area cause you get this "Warning you're out of the battle zone" crap and you get killed; there's no exploration whatsoever compared to BBC1 and the collectables/weapons to find are just there in front of you waiting for you when you finish one of many "easy dull boring battles" where your squad get to do mostly ALL of the job leaving you very little or nothing to do/kill.

There were many movie-like pats where you just get to stand on a vehicle while you're being chased where you can't even drive the damn vehicle; I once just shoot twice during one of this "battles" not even a single bullet hit me and guess what... well done, saving, NEXT! That's how easy and crappy this game is... of coursed compare to BBC1... I really loved BBC1 and I was waiting for this game price-drop to get into it but it has been such a disappointment. Is not that I don't like COD, but COD is COD and Battlefield offered (at least for me on the 1st one) something that COD didn't and I was expecting that... but this turned out to be too easy and boring where you have to do very little effort to finish the very short campaign (just like COD) and leaves you at the end with nothing to go back for. I was going to try to find all the collectables but I just stopped, couldn't take it anymore, is boring and dull.

Is sad how people prefer this kind of games instead of a more challenging tactical game like BBC1; is almost like watching a movie, you just sit there doing nothing... well I rather watch a movie then... and do nothing.

Boring game... Oh I forgot; Why there are so many TNT crates (or whatever you call those things) around if they do NOTHING to the enemy; they explode just next to them and there they stand alive and happy like if nothing happened, also grenades do nothing to the enemy if they explode close enough. And well I could keep going on and on... what about the helicopter, what happened to that AMAZING helicopter part on BBC1 that you could swear you were on a real helicopter, what happened there? Geez this game sucks so bad. Well anyways that's it I can't keep going.

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I haven't played multiplayer.