Better than MW2

User Rating: 9 | Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PS3
First off, i love Modern Warfare 2. I love how your character moves around the field quickly and fluidly. But if you want total immersion in a warfare game look no further than Battlefield 2.

The multiplayer aspect is far more fun as the battle "arenas" are much much bigger and everything is destroyable. If you like playing a sniper this is the game for you. I have never had so much fun sneaking through the shrubery and picking people off from a distance.

Jumping into a vehicle is cool once you get the controls figured out, and might as well stay out of them in the smaller arenas as they are just huge targets for an easy kill.

The single player game is fun if not a little difficult. You cannot just run into the middle of a battle and expect to survive. Alot of sneaking around and flanking people from behind is in order.