This is the electric crack. Going on four years on the shelves and it's still a winner. Jump into this game and KILL.

User Rating: 10 | Battlefield: Bad Company 2 X360
I came late to the table on this game, but I must say, it brings flavor and character back to first-person shooters. The campaign is more than worth playing through and creates some of the most memorable characters in videogaming. My personal favorite is Haggard (Hags), the hillbilly with a heart of gold, who in a certain way reminds me a great deal of my brother-in-law.

The multiplayer is a BLAST. 'Nuff said, but they like detail in these reviews, so: DESTRUCTIBILITY. Yes. Particularly on the Laguna map with the damn in the background - almost every time I play that map, the little village gets completely razed. I've seen a whole squad of players die together in a collapsing building. I absolutely enjoy myself when I make kills using my combat knife, collecting ID dogtags from individual players; this is especially fun when you can make several knife kills nearly at once. I've done it, and I assure you it's immensely gratifying. You'll get to enjoying that so much that you'll get greedy for knife kills and spend so much effort trying to creep up or catch up to enemies that you'll start getting killed until you shake off your frenzy.

Tons of different weapons and gadgets make the four different soldier types (assault, medic, engineer and recon) more than diverse enough that there's a way to do nearly anything. The vehicles bring even more destruction and intensity to the game, and can greatly increase comeraderie in the game if you've got a buddy on your vehicle with you who has a microphone. I've had many great experiences using my tank cannon on vehicles or my main machine gun on enemy engineers while my buddy runs the reticula machinegun and hammers everything from helicopters to snipers.

If you like sniping, get your water-tower-madman on. It's in there. You like flying, driving, gunning, it's in there.

I'll add one more note: you absolutely MUST buy ALL of the add-on maps to really get the most out of the game, especially if you buy it used without codes. Trust me, it's worth it. Those maps are excellent.