Fantastic Game. I have had it for ages and absolutely love it!!

User Rating: 9 | Battlefield: Bad Company 2 X360
This is one helluva game!! The campaign is detailed and descriptive but very open world. This allows you to approach the objective (be it and enemy base or comms array) anyway you want to try and gain the best tactical advantage and get the most points.

One main USP (unique selling point) about this game is "almost every type of cover or building can be chipped away or destroyed" and it means this literally. You can blow up the bottom walls of a house and laugh menacingly when it collapses and smears the unfortunate people inside into the floor. This allows you to destroy objectives from a distance or without leaving the safety of your tank.

There are two main modes of multiplayer: Rush - where you are in two teams (attackers and defenders) and capture the flag (flags A,B,C are stationary and you have to get close enough to raise your teams flag). These games are spread across a wide array of maps such as: Panama Canal, Laguna Presa, Atacama desert, Arica Harbour and many more. Each map has its own special feature, eg. Atacama desert has wide open spaces for snipers mixed with small compact villages for close up people.

There are also a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, especially on multiplayer maps such as 'Laguna Presa' - the attackers start of with boats, they advance and gain the use of two tanks, they advance again and then have a jet ski, a tank and an armoured jeep (hummer). Attackers also have use of a UAV (unmanned ariel vehicle) which can call down a rocket onto a selected target and obliterating whatever it hits.

Additionally, there are loads of weapons to choose from including 3 rocket launchers, anti-tank mines, sniper rifles and shotguns (and more). All these things are important aspects of the multiplayer (and singleplayer) game and all help to immerse the player in a realistic action packed experience.