The best multiplayer of this generation of consoles

User Rating: 9.5 | Battlefield: Bad Company 2 X360
I had long grown tired of multiplayer games since the release of the Xbox 360. Sure, I was willing to give multiplayer games a try but nothing grabbed my attention for long, not even behemoth titles like Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. Bad Company 2 was the first online game since Return to Castle Wolfenstein that had me completely immersed and addicted to for the entire year. Dice created a fantastic multiplayer that no other developer has matched this generation, unfortunately the campaign doesn't reach the same heights.

-Explosive class-based multiplayer
-Multiplayer scores based on how much you contribute, not just kils
-Superb, large-scale maps
-Beautiful graphics
-The best sound effects for a FPS...EVER.
-Dedicated servers= No lag, No host advantage
-Solid campaign with a great WWII intro level

-Campaign pacing is sluggish
-No large set-pieces for campaign
-Still no co-op campaign
-Horrible teammate A.I.
-Lame story and weak humor