Whats up with the servers lately

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In the last two weeks, its been impossible to just join a quick game in squad deatchmatch or conquest - on a specific map (xbox 360). When i attempt to join a game in a specific map, i get the message "cant find any games, etc" ..... But if a put "any" for map, i get in (not the map of my choice, but i get in wherever the players are at that point in the map cycle). Anybody know why this is happening? 


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OH THANK SPAGHETTI!!!! I have been having this SAME issue (ps3) but when I *DO* manage to join a game, like a couple mineutes in, it kicks me saying failed to connect.. apparently PC players had it happen too, but they found a fix, I have not found ANY fix for console. It's pissing me off, I spent so much money for dlc's and now the game is soo unplayable! =\ Too bad ea/dice whatever, is so concerned with BF3 to care though.

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It's because the online population is low due to the abundance of modern-era military shooters including BF3.