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Hey, literally just got my ps3 a week and a half ago. Switched from xbox. This was the first thing i picked up. It gets boring fast without people to play with. I dont have a mic yet...working on it. I'm not one of those die hard, get a good k/d or be mad annoying people. I play for fun. I'm not saying I'm bad, but if i do bad, I dont want to hear "you suck". If you want to play, and have fun, feel free to add me. PSN: TheSkyIsMine37
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Sounds good. Although i don't have a mic...
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Add me if you don't mind. I'm playing Bad Company 2 again (with a new PS3 ID/gamertag).


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I'm down to play. If anyone else wants to add me, just put bfbc2 in when you send me a friend request. PSN: Dallas1831
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I'm looking for someone to play this game with! And I have a micc! My PSN is: Keebabman


Add me to play!