There has to be a way that we can sue EA and DICE. If any one knows let me know.

User Rating: 1 | Battlefield 4 (Chinese Version) PC

Terrible product. BF3 had a lot of problems and BF4 is not exception. The problems is it seems to be getting worst every time. On top of that they talk about the quality of this piece of crap. Now, do not get me wrong. I am not talking about the idea of the game which is good of course but its development and the outcome of a "finish" good. I am realizing why people like to play Call of Duty games. Because is an old engine which consequently is very stable so people enjoy to play right from the very first day. DICE on the other hand has to put "a lot of effort on engineering the game' to use it as a marketing tool to compete with its rival COD. For BF3 it took months to get it stable enough. How long is going to take this one? Why we cannot get a decent quality product? Very few industries will dare to launch a junky product. May be game industry has customers that do not care much about being abused. The other only thing that I see similar in terms of accepting poor quality and pay for it is drugs. I regret so much to have spent money in this "thing".

The reason why I do not include all issues about the game is because they can be found by thousands on the WEB.