=VX9= is recruiting for BF4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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=VX9= is recruiting for BF4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mission statement:
Our mission in =VX9= is simple at its core. We strive to promote a great gaming environment for all that have the honor to be a part of our great community. Through the years we have been able to develop not only a great gaming experience but, also long lasting friendships. As we are more then just the games we play. We are at our center one big family. We believe that our community should be built on more then just games. We are held together by the bonds of friendship and the sense of belonging to one great online family!
Through the years we have excelled at many of the games we play. Through team work and dedication we are able to stay competitive. We continue to succeed in all avenues that we take as a community because of the great spirit of our members that make =VX9= what it is.
To the point!
=VX9= is looking for mature gamers to have fun, hangout, and to help replenish our ranks. We have an Army based ranking system, awards, forums, and plenty of other features. But don't take my word for it, come find out yourself! We require all members to go through a 1 week - 10 day recruitment process. We don't require much, but one thing that we love to see in our members is teamwork. So if you want to join, either send me an email or come by our forums or teamspeak and tell them Insert Name Here=VX9= sent you. Once you filled in your application, it will take anywhere from 12-24 hours to be accepted as a recruit. Possibly even sooner. You will be given more information at that time. So, Do you have what it takes?
English speaking
Teamspeak 3 and working microphone
Other Information:
My email: Kindbud@vx9.com
Main Site: http://www.vx9.com
Recruitment form: =VX9= Online Gaming Community - Recruitment Form
Teamspeak 3: IP: Port: 9987 Password: teamvx9
We currently have two ranked servers running, a conquest and mixed mode server. Please feel free to come visit us and play with us on any of these servers and add them to your bookmark! We actively monitor our servers and ensure fair and quality gaming for the public.
=VX9= is always moving forward in growing and implementing new ways of having fun within the community. Soon we will begin work on an Awards programs. This program is also to include 'Member of the Month' which will involve gifts to show a members accomplishments and dedications to the community.
Come check us out!
One Team! One Killing Machine!
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Join us this Friday for some Drunken Battlefield Fridays and have a blast at www.vx9.com!!

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I'm looking to be recruited, check out my youtube channel to get a sample of the goods.... My Video

Let me know in the comments and subscribe if you think i got what it takes

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I'm looking to get recruited.... check out my video on you tube and let me know if I got what it takes.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKwgYHLOz4k

click like & subscribe.... my gamertag is on the video

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@kontrolfreak84: Have you applied already, if not apply now at www.vx9.com today and let me know! For everyone else I expect to same and you can never go wrong!

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New Years soon! Join the right crew at www.vx9.com and apply now!!

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Come back to the intense gaming ware fare on bf4 with the right crew! www.vx9.com!!!!