Not sure if I can take this game seriously after playing Spec Ops: The Line

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Not that I was a huge fan of modern military shooters to begin with, but I still enjoyed some of the single player and multiplayer modes in the games. However since playing Spec Ops..... I really cant play these games seriously anymore. I dont think battlefield 4 will remotely have the same impact

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i don't think it's really going for a super deep emotional story in the first place is it? Unless it has that as a goal in mind, there's no point in considering the story anyway. Besides, most people who play the Battlefield games play them for the Multuplayer.
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Complacent attitudes towards violence like the above poster are exactly what Spec Ops was criticizing. Densitization to violence. Battlefield 4 "not having a serious story" is not an excuse to portray violence so callously. That's the point Yager Interactive was trying to make with Spec Ops. 

I mean sure i'll still buy and play Battlefield 4 but let's be real, Yager Int. was totally right about the problem with mass-production action shooters like Battlefield. Doesn't necessarily mean we can't play them anymore, it just means we need to change the way we go about presenting narrative in these games. Personally I don't see why Battlefield is even has a narrative. A story in any of these western made shooting games is usually just going to be tough-guy appeasement towards the dominant customer base IE: rich white westerners.