Need friends to play as a squad that play the objective

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I need BF4 friends on PS3 that play the objective. I'm tired of raging to the point I want to throw my controller due to most of the team not working together. Mics not required, but if you use a mic I will listen to your call-outs. I am a decent battlefield player. I'm not the best due to my disability with muscular dystrophy, but I'm average. I mostly play as assault, engineer, and support. Occasionally I will play as recon, but I suck at sniping, instead I use carbines and DMR's. I will throw down a medkit, ammo box, revive when I can, I'll cap and defend flags or M-Coms, and try and plant and disarm M-Coms, or try to cover you planting and disarming. I mostly play conquest. I will also play rush and obliteration. I play everyday and the same time everyday from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Central Time U.S..

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My PSN ID: Speedster23

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Add me I'm not at home right now. PSN: Mister4010

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Thanks. I will add you.

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Feel free to add me... I too play for objective based gameplay (sorry no mic)

ps3 id - otherthani