Battlefield 4 Infinite Join Server Bug [NEED HELP PLEASE]

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A few months ago I was playing Battlefield 4 with friends and having a ton of fun. Then the next time I tried to join a server it would just stay on the joining server action and according to my friends Origin would say I start then stop playing the game within a second of each other. I could tell this based on the fact that when I attemped to join a server, Origin would be put in the foreground and the play button would go from grayed out to a bright orange suggesting I closed the game/launcher. I just stopped playing for months hoping it would fix itself but never did. I have put multiple, multiple hours of research into why this happens and have done dozens of "fixes" that never work. The game never flashes on my taskbar like it does with the Windowed Fullscreen bug it just never shows a trace of launching, not even in task manager. However, I do notice that punkbuster opens in task manager. I have no idea what the issue is or the fix, if any, and yes. I have tried repairing the game, reinstalling the game, making sure it isn't Battlefield(x64), I have tried deleting the profile in case it WAS player settings, but that was to no success. I cant really remember or list the many things I've tried and will more than likely have to wait for responses and tell you if I've done your suggestion or not.