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Hello friends,

Join us at 5thmcregiment.com

I have recently created a milsim called the 5th Marine Regiment and I hope to make it grow as quickly as possible. I have created a website and bought a domain for it and everything. If you're up for it, lets build a milsim together!

Tired of immature and obnoxious military simulation groups? Want a more laid back milsim without ridiculous rules or punishments that should only be observed in the real world? Join the 5th Marine Regiment today!

Here you will not find:

- Rank recognizance rules.

- Simulated Physical Fitness Punishments.

- Immature and "over-the-top" players.

- Mandatory events.

Here you will find:

- Mature and recreational oriented players.

- Reasonable Leadership.

- Organized Rank Structure.

- Emphasis on team work and tactics.

I am a current Police Officer from the United States hoping to play with some good folks on my days off. Law Enforcement or Military (Active, Reserve, or Retired) especially welcome. This milsim was created to be a friendly environment for people who wish to de-stress from their stressful responsibilities but succeed at Battlefield 4 in a team playing and mature setting.

We strive to be a strong and dominant member of the milsim community. We are currently small in numbers, however, come join us for an opportunity to build a great milsim together!

We always have an open recruitment. Join the 5th Marine Regiment today at 5thmcregiment.com! Just post an application under the "recruitment" tab on the page.

See you on the Battlefield!