What is this Origin !

User Rating: 1.5 | Battlefield 3 PC
Having basic DSL this 4gb patch is taking forever to download and If you stop it before it's done you have to start the download all over again. You have to go online to run the single player campaign? What ever happened to installing a game and playing it? You never had to install a patch to run a game before. I think this anti pirating thing has gone too far, the only one's getting hurt here are the honest people that spend their money and have to jump though hoops just to play an over priced game. If this is EA's direction I think it's time to part ways. I've been gaming since 1995 and never had to go though all this just to play a game. Even with the games on STEAM you have the option to resume your downloads if you have to shut your computer down. I wonder if maybe I should've bought the PS3 version.