Not a flawless game, but the CoD killer is here.

User Rating: 9 | Battlefield 3 PC
I'm not even going to review the single-player as I have little interest in it.

Battlefield 3 is an excellent sequel to BF2, returning are the 32vs32 and the ability to go prone, two things desperately missing from BC2. The maps are very big and detailed, so detailed that my eyes took a while to get used to it and be able to take it all in. It doesn't appear that you need a supercomputer to run at ultra, my 580 3GB/i2600K handles it fine at stock speeds with solid fps.

The kits have dropped from 7 in BF2, to 4 in BF3, can't say i'm a fan of that but they did combine the 7 classes quite nicely into 4. I'm not sure where the VOIP is located, if it is there at all. Also squads are only allowed upto 4 members instead of the original 6. Not being able to pick the squad you join is not to my liking.

The new Frostbite 2.0 engine feels awesome, I already see people complaining of poor hit detection...but it feels closer to realistic as it does to console-ish. I've missed a lot of shots, i've hit a lot of shots, just the way war seems to be. The issue with the snipers being over-easily able to detect is something I have not noticed as i've been picked off by them several times and saw nothing until afterwards.

Is this the perfect sequal to BF2? I can't say yes, but it is a chaotic game with all the insanity that we loved in BF2, also note the game is brand new and patches will improve minor glitches and flaws i'm sure.