This review will be only base on the single player campaign

User Rating: 7 | Battlefield 3 PC
This review will be only base on the single player campaign, and yes I know, the whole point of this game is the multiplayer aspect. No body plays the single player, but here is my review on that anyway.

First of all, when I started the campaign mission, I cannot do anything but to compare this to the Call of duty modern warfare series games. It feels similar, mission structure feels similar. However when compare to that, it kinda felt short.

It still feel like I am watching a good action movie, however I just don't feel like the camera angel, the CGI effect are as good as the COD games.

The story don't feel as epic, the shooting and the enemy AI and script feels kinda flat.

However what bother me the most is when they try to simply the way you operate expensive military hardware, for example, the way you drive a tank, you actually have to manually line up with corss hair with your mouse to shoot at enemy tank. I mean wtf, do you know when was the last time when gunner did that? It was back in WWII, I mean all the modern tanks, even the **** T-55 ones now uses computer targeted firing system, you lock your target, and your main gun uses the complex gyro system to stabilize it on target and you fire, and you can keep up to 2km away, where you saw an enemy tank just as a little dot on your targeting computer, and when you fire the shell, it sometimes take up to 5 second to travel there to hit the target. However, I have to drive one of the world's most advanced tank and only able to manually target the enemy tank and only able to hit them at almost point blank range. This just feels stupid, even older games such as Operation Flashpoint has much more accurate tank mechanic.

And don't get me started on the one mission where you have to fly a F-18, I mean.... another stupid dump down mechanic, I am not going to start with the obvious, unlimited missiles and bombs you can carry. I hate the fact that no matter how many fighter is on your 6, by simply release chaff will throw off the incoming mission being targeted toward, that is just idiotic. Also the fact that you fire the AIM-9 at point blank range at your enemy is just stupid. At least they would have made the scripted mocked battle more realistic, for example doing some high G, and actively trying to dodge the missiles by not just release the chaff .

All in all the suspension of belief really puts the single player down, when I was done with it, I don't feel like "wow tat was some crazy **** I felt like I just wasted a few hour of my life, and given the chance, I would not have play the game.