1st time i was played army base game and i really enjoyed this games its so cool i love it battefleld you rocks.!!

User Rating: 9 | Battlefield 3 PC
Amazing game. Looks fantastic on the PS3 and the multi-player is phenomenal. I have not been able to stop playing since getting it. The audio alone is reason enough to buy this. I have been a battlefield fan from day one, and this does not disappoint. If you like epic battles, with jets soaring overhead, tanks cruising down rubble filled streets, and tracers streaming past your face,
amazing game for a console, pushes the limit on a 6 year old device. Definitively recommended, everything from jets to tanks to jeeps, all within a limit of one single match.
I really love thus game. It is by far my favorite FPS of all time. The online play is amazingly fun when you have friends who work together with you to play the objective and just have a blast messing around in tanks and choppers. Great game, and will only get better as time goes on.