, but bad

User Rating: 2 | Battlefield 3 PS3

A more appropriate for this game is Battlefield Arbitrary, or Battlefield Inconsistent. There is literally 0 consistency to this game.

This game is a shooter. The worst aspect of this game is it's shooting, hence the score. The shooting is...not just's impossible. Sneaking up on someone in this game is incredibly nerve-racking because you know the chances of the game actually detecting the hit, or, better yet, recording an accurate amount of damage, is slim to none. You can blast someone in the head at point blank, only to have them turn, jump around while you attempt to aim, then 1-hit kill you with the magnum, only to find out your shot only did 20 damage. You'll also enjoy shooting planes in the sky with the AA gun; forget taking them down, though; that would require at least 500 bullets before they begin to repair themselves. Hit detection, damage amount and aiming in this game is just the worst of the worst. And finally, good luck finding an online game where it goes down to the wire; have fun losing (or winning) games by 700 points out of 800 on a consistent basis. That being said, the tanks and planes are fun, but besides that, this game is frustrating at best. You will have fun playing, but you'll walk away wondering why you keep playing. Call this game a glorified tank/plane simulator.