Guns and explosions. And guns. And explosions!

User Rating: 8 | Battlefield 3 PS3 i the last gamer left on the face of the earth who still buys FPS games for the single player campaign? Seriously im just not into multiplayer. If you happen to be one of the few gamers out there who agree with that statement, then give BF3 a go. After downloading the freakin TWO G patch, that is! the story is compelling and very grounded in get the uneasy feeling that this story of tracking down a misplaced portable nuclear device *just might* happen someday, if it hasnt already. the people you deal with are interesting, the graphics are VERY good (some of the best ever seen on the ps3 imo), great level design (the fighter jet level is probably my favorite), solid sound, the action kicks ass without being too frantic, and just an overall cool experience. And no, im not factoring in multiplayer into this score, although i have heard good things about the online portions, again, its not my thing. Bad points? SP campaign is a little short, controlling the tank takes some getting used to, AI isnt always the greatest and i didnt like mapping the "run" button to L3... Still, A solid 8. would have gotten a 9 if the campaign had been a little longer (only about 5-6 hours). but as a "greatest hits" quasi-budget title, its a definite win. Also, sh*t blows up!