Could have been better

User Rating: 8 | Battlefield 3 X360

This game had all the making of a great game but just missed out due to small campaign. This game is a hybrid between call of duty series and Vegas series. It had the free flow bullet action through out same as in call of duty but here the player has the option of selecting alternate path for more strategic play as in Vegas series.

The weapons were ok and so was the difficulty level. Though if does not have a very intense background sounds it makes up in scenarios.

However the actual miss of the game is the short single player campaign which do not last long enough to get the feel and also the last mission is boring as hell. Had they continued with two or three more mission it would have made the game more acceptable. But this game mutiplayer is one of the best ever.

if i have to rate this game then 6 for campaign, 9 for mutiplayer and 8 for overall experience.