Battlefield 3 is an amazing and excellent game which keep you entertained throughout the entire campaign

User Rating: 9 | Battlefield 3 PC
Lets start this review at the start of the game. The very first mission i think is the best possible way to start a game, it keeps the player guessing from the very start. The way it just drops you into the game with no real tutorial and start the action straight away is excellent this doesn't often happen with this type of game so it was the perfect start.

Although the first mission on the train isn't too difficult it gets a lot harder from there on out, you have to start engaging your brain and trying to think tactically like a real soldier would. Although you can go in all guns blazing this isn't likely to work in your favour as it only takes one or two kits to make it near impossible to hit the enemy you are aiming for, a couple of more shots and you are dead. Which does come with an annoying 5 second long video of your hand (I don't know why either). IT encourages you to keep your head down and more from cover to cover always keeping an eye out for enemy forces.

There are one or two missions which put you in control of a tank and one mission which puts you in the gunner seat of a plane. These missions are superb the graphics are excellent and it almost makes you feel as if you are in the cockpit of a plane. For those people who get motion sickness these missions will seem particularly hard. The missions involving the tanks are also excellent it gives you a real sense of power being in control of one of these huge machines. Taking out tank after tank though does get to be a bit tedious, it makes you think that it is all too easy and unfortunately it is. It is very difficult to die in these missions which is a shame as it allows you to make a large quantity of mistakes and still get away with it, this is very unlike the rest of the game where and mistakes are punished severely.

The weapons you choose to use are a very important decision in this game choose the wrong weapon for a given situation and you will make it a lot more difficult for yourself. There are certain points in the game when you get into a fight with an enemy after walking through a door and then being pounced upon where you end up losing your weapon and gaining there's, sometime the weapon you had was perfect for the situation you were in and there's turns out to be a sniper rifle which is completely useless in close quarter battles. The weapon design and sound are also very satisfying there is a multitude of weapons to choose for in this game and all are very fun to use. The different types of weapons give you a choice as to how you would like to play out that particular mission. If you have a sniper rifle for example you may wish to sit back and take pot shots at enemies which pop their heads up without being in the firing line yourself.

The cut scenes in the game although at first seem confusing and frankly a little annoying get better the longer you play for. They are excellently voice acted and keep you paying attention for every last second. The way the story is told is epic but so is the story, although there are not really and surprises as you know pretty much what's going to happen due to the cut scenes it still never fails to keep you entertained till the very end.

The last mission sees you escaping the place you are being held in and returning to the train at the start of the game that got you thinking what the game was about. It nicely ties up the loose ends and finally gives you the answer what happens after the guy points a gun at your head. The last mission on the train is a good way to lead up to the ending but the real ending is a little disappointing it plays out a fight between you and Solomon where all you have to do is press a few buttons. Despite this it still gives you a sense of accomplishment when you finish the game.

The soundtrack is excellent and makes sure that no matter what happens the pressure is on you always feel like each peek over a barricade could be your last. As you watch through the credits it gives you a sense of how many people and how big of a deal Battlefield 3 is. All the money put into it and all the hours spent on the game were well worth it.
The final Cut scene finishes the game off brilliantly it leaves you wondering who that knock at the door was and sets up a sequel without resorting to boring cliques.