For a game loudly claims to do everything it shows nothing of the sort cliche brief story with little too offer.

User Rating: 5 | Battlefield 3 (Limited Edition) X360
This is a harsh review because it's time people stp buying these cliche games that have half the content and no original interesting story. Not to mention I cant jut pla the online portion I bought the game used so at least they didn't get my money but because of that, it didn't come with an online pass, becaue t's EA I have to pay to play online.


I refuse to do this, the story sucked typical enemy has a nuke, and of course it has the you sided with an enemy to help america blahblahblah, and the typical cliffhanger ending. Based off this brief campaign which they claim t be ultra realistic evn though it hardly has any gore at all, and there is almost no destructive enviroment in this game, everything is already blown too bits so whats the point?

Graphics are nothing special typical grainy war material just like any other modern shooter.

This is why I love he Halo franchise. They dont give you a bunch of BS. They dont lie about what they will give you, they dont charge up the ass for dlc, they will give it too you for free if you wait a few months, but it's always worth it, especially if you play with a good sized group.

Which brings me to another point, Halo is the only game I have been able to have any kind of team work, though more in the past it's mostly just trolls that will betray you now anymore than help you but thats not their fault, not enough use the mikes anymore either but battlefield 3 from what I've seen consist mostly of trolls, and people just noobing around. It's too big for it's own good you cant hope to help supress fire from enemy soldiers when you are all in different directions.

Anyways this game was a massive disappointment and for me a total rip off, gliches are everywhere, little to no gore, poor story, and you have to pay to play online if you dont buy the game new.

5.0 feels about right.