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G?day everyone
I?m Deltoran and I was wondering whether you would be able to check out my mate and I's BF3 Channel. We make commentaries, knife montages, machinima, trailer analyse and soon to come series such as noob of the week.
We were just wondering if you guys could help us out by telling us what you do and don?t like and what you would like to see
We really appreciate this, and if you like us we would love it if you could send your friends our way aswell

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nice triple post right there
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Well, first you should decide whether or not you want more serious gameplay, or clowning around.


Once you have that established you should stick with it.


If you are going to make jokes make sure you are funny, if you want to be informative, make sure you know what you are talking about. 

Figure out how you want to speak to your audience, and figure out who your audience is.


I watch a lot of videos of people playing video games, I try and avoid them, but on youtube people constantly send me links.


I see people post clan match videos, and their clan is complete garbage.

I see people post montages, with easy kills (if you kill someone facing away from you, it shouldn't be in your montage. Or if you are playing against a group of low levels, that also should not be in your montage).

I see people make knife videos and its normally one by one.


By these complaints, I'm saying you have to think differently than the average bear. 


If you are going to make knifing videos, try and get lots of good knifes all in one shot. For a standard weapon kill montage, go for headshots, take out large groups of people shooting at you, use the environment to your advantage. 



Make a difibrillator montage I'll watch that, actually whom I kidding, I hate watching people play BF3, I won't watch it. But I bet you people will.