Why am I always stuck with the lossing team?

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Everytime I get in a match in BF3 my team is usually losing. Out of the 20 last matches I have played, I've been in 2 that have won. Either my team doesn't care about disarming the M-COM's and capturing flags or they just don't know how too. I'm an objective person, I'm not the best but I'm not bad either. When I play 'Rush' or 'Conquest' I don't care about K/D ratio, when I'm looking for kills I go play 'Team Deathmatch' or 'Squad Deathmatch'. Is there a way I could go play in good teams? Is my luck that bad?

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We must be on the same team most of the time. I love rush i im a very team oriented player. So i usually wont go by myself since it is pointless anyways. The worst though is when you suddenly see that you team is only 6 players vs a 12 man team mostly of the same clan.
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From my experience it seems like you are just put on the team that has the least number of players, which is usually because players are panzies that bail on a game if they are losing. I usually treat that first match as a warm up to figure out what kind of team I'm playing against. Then the second match usually balances out better and I have better results.


I usually play with just my brother and me in a squad of our own, and neither of us are great, but we are decent. I can tell you that just the two of us working together and taking objectives can often be enough to turn a game around unless there are REALLY good players on the other team working as a group. The main thing is to keep playing like you play, taking objectives wins games. Playing like that makes my brother and me get ace squad with just the two of us all the time. And don't worry about that first match, it's a scrub, just wait it out until you have a full match that you can control better.