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Hi, I'm considering buying this game mainly for the online multiplayer and I have a few questions; 1. should I get the standard (£21) or the premium (£40) edition of the game? is paying almost double for the premium actually worth it? 2. The game would be played on medium settings, so what kind of temperatures would I expect to see? My Pc specs: i5 2400, GTX 460 1GB, 8GB Ram, Aftermarket CPU cooler 3. Is this game full of hackers as the COD games? I would really appreciate your honest answers as it could help me to make my decision. Thanks
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1. I would get the standard version first and see how you like it. There's plenty of multiplayer to go around with the standard version. If you want the DLC however, the premium is the way to go if you don't mind bending over for EA. They essentially made it to where you have to pay for premium if you want the DLC, otherwise you can buy the DLC individually but not have the ability to play on the "premium" servers.


2.Nobody is going to be able to accurately guess what your cpu temp will be lol. That is a very intricate thermodynamics problem...


3. Some will complain about hackers inevitably, but my honest assessment is that as long as you play on ranked, PB servers hacking is never a problem.

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Thank you.